Previous Productions

Our first two productions, "Malcolm and Teresa" in the Fall of 2009 and "An Act of Reparation" in the Spring of 2010 were received with great fanfare. We're happy to report that both opened and closed to sold out audiences. We look forward to many more to come.

Our Projects


Viva Cristo Rey- Downey Civic Theatre(Summer 2012)






Viva Cristo Rey - Downey Civic Theatre (Summer 2012)

Viva Cristo Rey – San Gabriel Mission Theatre (Winter 2012)
Viva Cristo Rey – Holy Innocence Catholic Church (Fall 2011)
Viva Cristo Rey – Miles Memorial Playhouse (Fall 2011)


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If Church Walls Could Talk - (Summer 2011)


An Act Of Reparation (Spring 2010)
The Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA His name was Franz Jagerstatter, Austrian farmer and father of 4. This drama brings to life his brave resistance to the Nazi State and stirring defense of conscience in facing a military tribunal in Berlin during WWII.

Malcolm & Teresa (Fall 2009)
The Promenade Playhouse, Santa Monica, CA The riveting true story of BBC Reporter Malcolm Muggeridge, his expose of famine in 1930's Ukraine that estranged family and friends and the television interviews with Mother Teresa that changed his life.