Plays For Sale

New Works for Sale - All our plays are original Two Act, full length pieces. They have all been premiered and run in either Los Angeles, CA or in The San Francisco Bay Area. They are now available for purchase by professional and amateur theatres, as well as college and high school drama departments.

New Plays

Plays For Sale- All New Biographical Dramas

The plays are $10 per copy plus a reasonable royalty for shows produced.

To order any of the below plays, please email ,call 310.462.5141 or write to:

PO Box 9023
San Jose, California, 95157

Viva Cristo Rey

An unassuming guitar playing padre, Miguel Pro, returns to Mexico from Europe. Faced with anti-clerical laws, the Padre goes underground in a daring attempt to keep the faith alive. His derring-do won the hearts and minds of his people at great personal cost. This is the true story of Padre Miguel Pro in 1920's Mexico.

Characters: 9 Male - 3 Female

An Act Of Reparation

His name was Franz Jagerstatter, Austrian farmer and father of 4. This drama brings to life his brave resistance to the Nazi State and stirring defense of conscience in facing a military tribunal in Berlin during WWII.

Characters: 7 Male - 4 Female

Malcolm & Teresa

The riveting true story of BBC Reporter Malcolm Muggeridge, his expose of famine in 1930's Ukraine that estranged family and friends and the television interviews with Mother Teresa that changed his life.
Characters: 5 Male - 4 Female

Claude Newman

The remarkable story of African American death row inmate, Claude Newman. The play is based on a supernatural event that occurred in a Mississippi prison. The event was confirmed by the chaplain Father Robert O'Leary.
Characters: 6 Male - 2 Female

The Pearl Of York

During the religious upheavals of the 16th century, a woman from Yorkshire was executed for hiding Jesuit priests. Her name was Margaret Clitherow - the first woman to die for her religious beliefs in the Reformation. A truly inspiring story of faith and courage.
Characters: 8 Male - 3 Female

Margaret Of Castello

Born blind, lame, a hunchback and later abandoned by her parents, Margaret of Castello went on to live a life of charity and good works. She would become known as the patron of the unwanted. The play is set in 14th century Italy.
Characters: 6 Male - 10 Female

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